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The farm produces their wines in the eastern part of Friuli, in the hills of Collio and Isonzo plains. The farm has an area of about 10 hectares, almost entirely covered with vineyards, of which ca. 2.5 hectares are located in marna fields in a hilly area, of which 7,000 m2 are aimed at the cultivation of Malvasia.

Vosca farm is situated in Brazzano, small village in the municipality of Cormòns, a town much appreciated and renowned for the variety of its wine products.

The location of the vineyards, partly located in the hills and in part on the flat, does not help the work mechanized, so many interventions must be done with methods reminding of our fathers's age, from which even today we draw useful lessons.

One of the primary targets of the farm is to produce their wines with the classical method that, in the area, is called "alla cappuccina". This system aims to entering the market with a highly qualified product, both in quality and in the organoleptic characteristics of the variety.


Slow Wine 2014 Award for our Malvasia 2012 Collio; Vini Buoni d'Italia 2014 Award for our Ribolla Gialla 2012 Collio; Read more


In Brazzano, in full area Collio - word that we associate with great wines, flourishing nature and common welfare - after the war, there was poverty . And who were working in the vineyards was far from be a privileged. Read more

Francesco Antonini